Joaquim Moreira – CEO Founder

Joaquim Moreira – CEO Founder and Entrepreneur

Our vision is to make fashion easy, fast and simple. We are doing that by tying trends, design and production together, end-to-end, to make life simpler for fashion professionals, brands and their clients


Tetribérica was founded by Joaquim Moreira in 1993, focused on solving problems for fashion brands and supported by an innovative spirit. Two decades of working with the biggest fashion brands in the world led to a quick and genuine international growth based on innovation and sustainability, Tetribérica was divided in 2 competitive business units, fashion and corporate fashion.


What We Believe

Tetribérica continually develops the “fast branded fashion” concept, to support retailers who practice “fast fashion”, a concept pioneered by international chains such as Zara and H&M, to mention some. Tetribérica designers observe the latest fashion trends and create their own versions of those designs. That means that the designs you choose are an interpretation of the leading fashion houses look and styles, adapted to your specific feelings and desires.


Why We Believe in Fast Branded Fashion

We believe that a rapid design, manufacture and delivery approach is a capability that our clients want to use to create clothes for brands that fit different cultures and countries.

To help its clients achieve their success, Tetribérica has a department of fashion designers and market trend analysts, an Industry in house and close relationships with clothing factories, thus allowing our clients to quickly take a new design, customize and produce a batch of products, which are then express-shipped to the stores.

The quantities produced are limited, which is okay because Tetribérica’s clients know that next month some items may not be available because they may be replaced by new ones. This rapid rotation of styles creates a cutting-edge feel for the brand and compels customers to continually renew their wardrobe to stay fashion.


Fast Means…

This is more than most similar firms, but having that depth allows our clients to minimize the time it takes to get new products created and to market. Tetribérica designs can be developed in 4 weeks and brought to retail in about a month.

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