Tetribérica integrates internally an industrial facility, which allows us to control all main key points and guarantee a turn key solution.

Planning and cutting internally together with a fast sampling assembly line gives us the power to launch and accurately control the end product. Controlling the production stages from the yarn, to fabric knitting, dyeing, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, packaging to delivery enables us to be at the utmost competitive price granting our customers a traceable top quality high-end service.

Our industrial company focuses on the production of high-quality knitted garments with sustainable materials. As a textile manufacturer our competences are as follows:

  • 5.000 m2 facilities – Including our offices, industrial area, yoga classroom & canteen;
  • 250.000 pieces of monthly capacity;
  • 3 Automatic Cutting tables;
  • Sewing & finishing line;
  • Innovation & developing team;
  • 30 subcontracted manufacturers;
  • Average production & delivery time (4 weeks and 2 weeks reorders);
  • Specialized in Man & Woman Jersey models;
  • External quality controllers;
  • Sourcing of raw materials - with a focus on sustainability and quality;
  • A great team of Certified partners for knitting textiles, dyeing, printing, and embroideries;
  • We are certified GOTS, OCS & GRS, and we are a part of Seaqual Initiative and Better Cotton Initiative;
  • And we close the loop by sending all the waste from the cuts to our partner “Sasia”, that will recycle it and transform it back to yarn.