Tetribérica has a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO9001:2015, this standard focuses on meeting customer requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.

We are certified in ISO9001:2015, which gives assurance to customers of the organization's product/service quality. 

Our scope is:

"Design and Development of Textile Items with Supervision of their Production".

The QMS encompasses all of Tetribérica’s processes and activities, thus ensuring continuous improvement towards excellence. The point of ISO 9001, 8.5.1 is also excluded. (f) the validation and periodic revalidation of the capacity of the production and service delivery processes to achieve the planned results, where the resulting output cannot be verified by subsequent monitoring or measurement, as the undertaking may monitor the validation of the achieved results.

The SGQ encompasses all of Tetribérica's processes and activities, thus ensuring continuous improvement towards excellence.

We are also certified GOTS, OCS & RCS certified.
"We are proud to work with members of the Better Cotton Initiative.
We are SMETA certified and are part of/or contribute to the Seaqual Initiative."



Tetribérica's Quality and Environmental Policy is based on the following criteria: