Tetribérica integrates internally an industrial facility, specializing in Man & Woman circular knit models, which allows us to control all main key points and guarantee a turnkey solution. Our 5.000 m2 facilities include our offices, industrial area, yoga classroom & canteen.
Planning and cutting internally together with a fast-sampling assembly line gives us the power to launch and accurately control the ending product. Controlling the production stages from the yarn to fabric knitting, dyeing, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, packaging to delivery enables us to be at the utmost competitive price, granting our customers, a traceable top quality high-end service
Process I


An in-house design team, green-conscious, innovative oriented and updated on the latest fashion trends
Process II


We proudly keep up with the most demanding brands, providing newness as well as latest innovations
Process III


We have a special line-in-house making us able to provide samples in a matter of days
Process IV


We plan and cut internally through the latest technologies with 3 Automatic Cutting tables
Process V


We are able to deliver in 8/12 weeks with subcontracted manufacturers, and certified partners for knitting textiles, dyeing, printing, and embroideries
Process VI


We have an expertise team that has a clear sight of all requirements and strong attention to detail, analysing each production 
Process VII


We offer our clients sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions
Process VIII


We take care of products from the beginning to the very end costumer turning us into a a very competitive supplier due to our high-quality service
Process IX


Sustainability is a core value so our wasted knit is sucked through high-end-machines and then collected by a partner that will transform it into new yarn. We are always sourcing sustainable and high-quality raw materials