We area textile company located in Trofa, Portugal, specializing in circular knit ready-made garments. Founded in 1993, we have more than 30 years of experience in the textile market, and we have learned and grown with it towards a more sustainable future.

We export goods all over Europe, working with some of the most renowned international brands. Throughout its supply chain, Tetribérica is working hard towards a more sustainable production. Around 75% of the materials used for our clients are sustainable and 35% of the energy we use is renewable.

Our mission is to develop sustainable fashion and provide a differentiated service to our customers, with high-quality products and sustainable solutions.

Our vision is to be a reference in a sustainable fashion.

The following video expresses the movement of our "orchestra", in the construction of a soundtrack, guided by quality and respect for people and the planet. Travel with us and get to know Tetribérica in 2 minutes.



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Transparency and Integrity

Respect for life, people and the environment

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